Experiencing the Drama of God's Story

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Discover God in a whole new way with the revolutionary SourceView Bible. This innovative online tool lets you engage with Scripture like never before through an immersive, dramatic reading experience.

Endless Discovery Awaits

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Each time you explore the SourceView Bible, you can make new discoveries about God's character and the unfolding story of redemption. This resource will nourish your spiritual life and rekindle your passion for studying the Word. With 40,000 hours of new research, SourceView lets you engage with the biblical text like never before. Conversations and actions come alive when you can easily see all of a speaker's dialogues across books. Hide distracting chapter and verse numbers to fully immerse yourself in the narrative. Join the Seven Spheres Society small group Bible study, with passages and questions to help you serve God through your work. SourceView opens up endless possibilities for Bible study, both individually and in community. Start your journey today. Discover God and your role in His story by exploring the revolutionary SourceView Bible.

Read the Bible Together

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The SourceView layout presents new opportunities for reading scripture together. Gather 4 people to have a dramatic, immersive Bible study reading the speaking parts of scripture in a new conversational format. This brings the text to life in a powerful, impactful way.

Study the Bible

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The SourceView study tools empower you to make your own observations, interpretations, and applications of Scripture. Visualize quotation links and allusions, answer reflection questions, and gain a deeper understanding of each book of the Bible.

A Revolution in Bible Engagement

40,000 hours of New Research from our global team lets you see the Bible like never before. It’s a fresh, innovative new way to engage with God's Word. You can hide chapter and verse numbers to help you focus on the unfolding drama in each book, click on any speakers name to see all their conversations and what books they speak in. Start your own one year vocation Bible study with the Seven Spheres Society small group passages and questions to help you serve God through your work. These are just a few of the new things that you will discover with this new Bible tool.

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